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May Holidays

Family Loans 
£500 Family Loan and Savings Scheme.
Our family loan scheme lets you borrow for family expenses and use your Child Benefit for the repayments.
• We assess affordability with no Credit Check

How much can I borrow?

Up to £500

Save as you borrow

With our Family Loan, you can save for holidays, Christmas or any of life’s little luxuries at the same time a repaying your loan.

What do I need?
• Be 18 years old or over
• Be receiving Child Benefit and agree to have this paid into your Drumchapel Credit Union Account.
• Live or work in a G postcode area
• £5 to join with proof of Id, address and a recent bank statement.
• There is no need to be an existing saver
• Repayments tailored to suit and allow you to put into your savings account each week.
To make an appointment phone Tel:0141-944-8593

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